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Real Users Say:

Image Resizing at a New Level Windows Application

Have you ever wanted more control out of your image resizer?
Well, now you can have it!

Reshade offers the highest quality photo enlargement available for your computer. Resize images without the usual blur, jagged edges, halos, loss of sharpness or detail associated with image enlargement. Create accurate, crisp clear and photorealistic enlargements at almost any zoom factor.

Easy-to-use self-adjusting settings, quick previews, keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality make Reshade the perfect choice for beginners and experts alike. Quickly adjust images for printing, high resolution publishing or other photographic display, web design or scientific purposes. Reshade supports many popular file formats including Jpeg, Tiff, Png, Bmp. Adjusting your images for print is easy, Reshade includes support for most image modes including CMYK.

Key Features

  • Get crisp-clear contours at almost any zoom
  • Remove blur and refocus fuzzy images
  • Perfectly highlight even the finest details of your photos
  • Subtly reduce photo defects, noise and other artifacts
  • Quickly batch process and crop all your images, with just a few simple clicks
Reshade Image Resizer
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to show it at full size.

Examples - Photo Enlargement with Reshade

Taking a look at the comparison between Photoshop bicubic interpolation and Reshade photo enlargement on the right, we can see dramatic improvements in how crisp and clear the details become. By default precision is preferred and distortions are minimized (low zoom examples). Large magnifications require stronger edge displacements to maintain contour definition.

Who Needs Reshade Image Resizer

  • Professional photographers creating gallery prints from digital photos
    captured with high-end cameras, having perfect focus and adequate noise levels
  • Amateur photographers making posters from their favourite photos
    taken with low-end or camera phones having slight focus problems
  • Web designers in need of resizing online graphics
    such as logos, illustrations, banners, drawings, diagrams
  • Scientists requiring image scaling without any detail loss
    uses in space technology, security, medical, forensics and other applications
  • Traditional art lovers taking advantage of the digital medium
    enlarge scans, paintings or old photos for digital storage and high resolution printing

Lite or PRO Upgrade?

Crop & resize Yes Yes
Image enhance Yes Yes
One at a time editing Yes Yes
Batch processing No Yes
Content-aware tuning No Yes
Smart Cropping No Yes

What's NEW in Version 3.0?

Reshade is now faster, smarter and more stable than ever before:
  • Support for 64-bit architectures
  • Multi-core processing
  • Preserve and update EXIF meta-data
  • Improved handling of large files and more

With Reshade LITE edition you'll be able to get the best out of those special little holiday moments, at HD quality. Up-size and enhance your photos ready for print. Create true-size professional quality posters from everyday ordinary pictures. Due to it's ease of use, Reshade helps you go the extra length needed to turn small photos into great pictures.

Reshade PRO edition enables you to resize and enhance multiple images at a time. Simply drag and drop whole image folders into the application while self-adjusting settings take care of all the fine-tuning required to achieve optimal results for every single image.

box shot smallSystem Requirements

Reshade Version: 3.0
Platform: Windows (XP or later)
Hardware Requirements:
  • 100 MB HDD
  • 512 MB RAM
Reshade has a 300 megapixel size limitation. see faq

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Best Offer

Save yourself hours of searching for similar tools. Many photo resizers on the market boast advanced algorithms, but deliver the same old run-of-the-mill results. Reshade not only offers the highest quality image scaling, but also enhances images beyond their original appeal.

With the "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" it's a sure bet, you won't be dissapointed. Buy now!

If you have ordered the software and would like to review your order information, or if you have questions about ordering, payment or shipping procedures, please visit shopper support. For more information about our policies click here.

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