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1. General Questions

Why are there both an online service and a desktop application?

The online tool has limited maximum resolution, and only a few settings available. These restrictions are lifted in the Desktop Resizer application. A great amount of tweaking is possible, and it's all on your computer.

Can I use Reshade for printing?

Yes, this is one of the main uses for reshade. The printed images look even better than on screen. Reshading creates sharp textures and clear edges maintaining the original image details.

Why not use Photoshop?

First Photoshop costs a lot. Second, you need to be an advanced user and have a decent amount of time on your hands to get results close to what Reshade offers instantly.

I got banned, why did this happen?

A user account gets a ban (becomes unusable) if it abuses the site in any way. This includes creating too many accounts from the same computer, posting inappropriate images, using tags abusively or any other spam related activity.

2. Online Image Resizer

Why make available only fixed resolutions?

The resizing process takes time, so caching is needed. Fixed resolutions make this possible. Besides, you might not need other sizes. Most desktop resolutions are supported, and you can crop/stretch your pictures to change their aspect ratio (width/height).

Why not use other online resizers?

Reshade provides high quality resizing, which is not available in any other free online service.

Can I crop pictures? also offers cropping for your pictures. This means that you can test the zooming ability even more, and on larger images. Because of processing time concerns the maximum zoom factor for free accounts is 200%.

Can I use Reshade to enhance my pictures?

Yes, reshade provides smoothing and denoising to improve the quality of old, pixelated, noisy pictures or images with compression artifacts.

I've used a few credits to resize an image and can't access it after I pressed the back button ("resize it again"). Do you hold an archive of resized images?

If you didn't crop the image and use the exact same settings as before you can make the resize again without using any credits. We don't currently make public the archive of cropped images.

How do I save a resized image to my computer?

After right clicking on the resized image, please use the closest option in your context menu to "Save Image/Picture As..".

I've made a resize and the image displays correctly in my browser, but when I save it and try to open the image again in Photoshop it doesn't work. What should I do?

Check that the saved image has the appropriate ".jpg" extension so that Photoshop interprets it as such. If it doesn't, rename the image so that it ends in ".jpg". You can type a name easily in the save dialog box.

3. Photo Enlargement Software

I saved my first image, but when I open it why is it not zoomed?

If this happens try opening the image at actual pixels/full size/100% zoom in your favourite image viewer. These programs try to fit the image to your screen by default, thus shrinking it. An enlarged image using the default settings is almost identical to the original when down-sized again.

How come Reshade doesn't save the cropped image?

The rectangle on the right image pane represents the selected preview that will be displayed on the left. Reshade crops images only by using the crop feature. When saving, the full resized image is stored to disk.

Can I make Reshade run faster?

With some settings there will be a significant delay in processing the image so the preview will not be refreshed instantly. A progress bar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
The time needed to save an image is greatly dependent on the settings used. The most time consuming options are Processing Fidelity and Control. The greater the values for these the longer it will take.

What does the 300 megapixel limitation mean?

You will be able to resize images containing up to 300 million pixels (example: 10000x10000 pixels). This means you can enlarge photos up to 1000%-2000% magnification.

4. Image Gallery

Why do you show the zoomed image when my mouse if over a thumbnail?

When hovering the mouse over a thumnail a zoomed selection will be made showing the most detailed part of the larger image. Generally if this selection looks good the image is of better quality overall. This can make your browsing much simpler.

What do the terms of service say about copyright? does not assume ownership of the works posted. The author allows to resize his pictures, that's all. The resized pictures are still copyrighted to their respective author, so nobody can use them for any purposes not intended by the author. For example, this means that if an image has a Creative Commons Licence, it is passed onto the resized image.

Can I submit pictures that are not mine?

You can submit any picture as long as you have permission from the author/owner to post it on publicly. Please read the Terms of Service for more information. If you are not sure about a picture's copyright it's better not to post it public. Pictures from magazines, commercial sites are usually copyrighted to their respective owners.

Why should I make an image public, if I can resize it while it's private?

First, the images you make public will have a link back to your site so that reshade visitors may see more of your pictures. Second, if anybody else submits any of the pictures on your site to they will be redirected to the ones you've already submitted. This way you are properly given credit for your works.