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Updated September 5, 2012

Reshade 3.0 is Here

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Reshade is now faster, smarter and more reliable than ever before!

New features:

  • Support for 64-bit architectures
  • Multi-core processing
  • Update EXIF meta-data
  • Improved handling of large files and more

The application comes in two flavors LITE and PRO. A LITE Edition for occasional usage, enables the full set of features, an image at a time.

The PRO Edition, makes it possible to quickly enhance large numbers of images. Using the batch resize feature simply drag and drop whole image folders into the application while self-adjusting settings take care of all the fine-tuning. Achieve optimal results for every single image.

Updated April 25, 2012

Recent Changes

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Major pricing adjustments have been made for both the online image resizing service and the windows application.

Reshade Image Resizer costs only $129 per license, a substantial decrease and a great benefit to our customers.

Other changes affect the online resizer, consisting of an extension to the credit validity period from 2 months to one whole year. The starter premium accounts last longer and come cheaper, at only $4.9 for a basic account with 20 credits bundled. Maximum picture uploads per account have been doubled, making it easier to store most resizes without the need to delete older pictures.

Updated September 2, 2011

Reshade 2.0 Release Candidate 1

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We’ve released Reshade 2.0 RC1. The new version adds to the responsiveness of the interface, improving stability and consistency.

Some of the improvements are listed:


  • faster termination of requested operations (progress dialogs, previews)
  • minimized required refresh events for previews
  • better handling of large image sizes

Stability issues

  • better handling of larger number of files when working with batches
  • more efficient memory usage (up to %50 less memory required)
  • improved numerical stability: better accuracy, remove artifacts such as black stripes


  • translation updates to all languages
  • added Korean language support

Other improvements

  • auto-naming batch files
  • handling missing folders / files
  • working with items in batch list (deletion, selection)
  • fixed all known hanging/crash events
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