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Reshade vs Photoshop, Examples

Click each image to show examples. Reshade works well with any image type and zoom level unlike other image resizers on the market.

Example shows Reshade's ability to deblur while enlarging out of focus pictures. This occurs typically because of camera shake, incorrect focal point etc.

High Quality Photo Enlargement

Here you can resize images maintaining quality, edges and texture. This means Reshade reduces or eliminates most of the usual side-effects of photo enlargement:

  1. pixelation: visible square pixels in an image
  2. loss of focus: blurry / out of focus image edges
  3. loss of sharpness: reduced edge contrast
  4. exagerated noise: random pixel values, stains
Usually in image interpolation there is a tradeoff between sharpness and blur. If you want to remove blur and maintain sharpness you get pixelated and noisy images and vice-versa. Reshade balances as best as possible the 4 factors offering quality photo enlargement that maintains all the details in the original image at the same time.

Advantages of using Reshade over other image resizers:

  • works at all zoom levels: other professional resizers have only specific ranges (1-4x, 3x-5x etc) where they work right
  • highest accuracy: even the finest textures in the original image are preserved (best forensic photo enlarger)
  • doesn't lose photo realism: other resizers smooth the image too much in the interpolation process

Online Service vs Desktop Application

There are two ways to use the Reshade image resizing engine. You can either choose the online service or the Windows desktop application. Here are a few of the advantages of each one of them:

Online Image Resizer

  • use it directly from your browser (no download required)
  • resize images for free to any standard monitor resolution
  • crop part of an image, remove noise and improve its quality
  • make high resolution enlargements, requires credits

Photo Enlargement Application

  • readily usable from your desktop (loads instantly)
  • resize images to any resolution
  • remove noise, sharpen and apply advanced settings
  • buy now!

If you want to know more about Reshade view the animation showing how reshading works or watch the video for the photo enlarger application. You can read about how image resizing works here. The most recent information can be found on the reshade blog.

Don't forget to browser the image gallery. Here you can see the online image resizer on real life examples. Try uploading one of your own images to test on.